My plan is to be busy. I already have online classes and weekdays. Lessons are $20/hr if the lesson is young it can 1/2 hr $15.

I will also be trying to stream line the lessons page to help everyone understand, I am one of those people who doesn’t like to say no, I like to say let me see what I can do. I have been asked to help a woman in her fear of getting back on a horse after she had an accident riding where she came off and was kicked in the head. It wasn’t her horse but it was enough to put the fear of riding in her. The rancher she worked for needed her to start riding her horse(s). She had two horses, she had a mare and a sweet young gelding.¬† The reasoning why I chose the gelding will be at a later discussion. I was able to show her a few pointers in helping her in getting through her fear and enjoy the horse. I loved helping. I do not believe in the whole you can’t have fear as I also don’t believe in the word “Can’t” and “Never”. Those are glaciers and need to find a way to get through them. Fear is healthy if you know how to manage it.

Boarding Update

As the New Year approaches, our boarding services are changing as well. We currently have boarder which will be our last as we get our cattle in and will have no room. Although we will keep the prices up. As anything can change but we will be having restrictions on what horse(s) we will take and more than likely it will only be pasture (NO Exceptions) Please read the rules and the about tabs to read more…

Horse Sales

I do at times have horses for sale but would like for others to understand how or why I sell. I had at a time bought most of my horses from auction or private sale.

These horses I take in are usually horses, horse owners don’t want to deal with. Whether it be a horse who needs to get back into health (overly thin, some health issues, or a vice) These horses are taken given 30 days of rest and plenty of care no riding, no saddle, just settle in. Then if the horse is deemed fit to find a home and not become one of mine (which does happen) All horses do not just get sold off. These horses are trained the basics, ground training, riding, western and english, desensitization and trailer loading. My horses I prefer them to get in a trailer with out me entering.

I do not flip horses. Most will become my lesson/ lease horse for a time and then can become lease to own.

Currently, I do not at this time have any horses for sale.

Our new project

The miniature cattle will be our newest venture. We are hoping to use some for our own self-sufficiency  and provide information on these wonderful animals.

I will be working on breeding, sales of select heifers/steers and on my own oxen team. Training cattle will be something new to me but I am excited.

Horse courses

These courses I will be putting together are more for fun than anything else.. more to test your knowledge and to help you in knowing what I cover. The courses will have their own place, preferably in its own page where I can post new courses. These courses are mostly free and may if any ask for $1 to help maintain if you like the courses you can donate to help keep them coming!

Some of the courses I am working on is ..These are things you can test yourself on

  • what you should look for in your first horse
  • Buyer Beware
  • Horse body language
  • Horse terms
  • and many more!


As everyone will be shopping for christmas gifts and maybe thinking of that christmas pony/horse.. please be sure you pick the appropriate animal for your kid or adult. Be sure they are going to love the horse, not just puppies and kittens are rehomed this time of year. As has happened before we boarded horses here that have been bought for a chidl who lost interest in the horse. We lease for a reason! We charge so that we can keep on bringing in horses to use to inform and help people decide if horses are for them.
Leasing is a great way to know also if a horse that they are looking at is for them.. Remember to ask a person you are going to buy from if you can try the horse before buying… Although some may say no, it is best to try as some can lie. We would hope we are talking with honest people but not everyone is.
I have seen a few not so nice things from people hiding things from unsuspecting buyers. Thankfully me and a friend noticed!
Keep these in mind befor emaking that purchase, know what you are wanting in your horse.
If interested in Leasing contact me and we can discuss prices and what you are wanting from our horse or pony.

Intro to horses

IMAG1465My intro to horses lessons will be starting on the 27th September and will be available every weekend after. I can do monthly discounts for those who would like to pay by the month or if want two weekends in a row. Family/group discounts are also available. $20 for every hour an half of instruction.


I will be putting up a questionnaire for potential Boarders. As we are a place for trust and for safety. We do not condone riders who cannot control their own horse or cannot care for their horse. As things have come to light we must make this where anyone who would like to board with us will have to fill this out prior to bringing a horse on premises.

Please be aware of the rules which will be posted on our sister site as well as Facebook.