Riding Lease $15/hr
Call, text, or place an appointment through Facebook Page. 
You or a person you know must have experience with handling and riding horses. 
Under 18 years of age MUST wear a horse riding helmet. No exceptions. Cannot be a bike helmet, motorcycle helmet. 
Must wear proper riding attire. Closed toed shoes, riding boots, pants not shorts, should be jeans or something that does not pinch in the saddle. 
Time starts as soon as you walk into the round pen or when you take charge of the horse. 
What do you get? 
1 horse unless want to pay another $15/hr for extra horse/pony
Bareback pad for most youth
Saddle that fits the proper size of rider and horse
Bridle or halter and lead rope
A quick over view of the horse you are leasing. 
Horses by name and capability
Pebbles - Beginner and up 
Lady - Advanced beginner and up
Empiezo De La Central - Experienced rider in very light responsive horses 

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