What is leasing?
Leasing is a great way to have a horse without actually owning the horse.
What benefits are there of leasing?
Without having to go and purchase a good horse and spend upwards of $1000 or more then pay for the feed, care and vet as well as board. You save! You also get to learn if owning a horse is right for you. Unlike owning where if you hit a financial hardship you would have to find a home for your horse. When leasing, you are able to not worry and let the horse go to another to benefit from learning.
What are the differences in Leasing?
There are partial lease, full lease and free lease.
What is free lease? Thats sounds great!
It can be. However, free isn’t free. It means you do not pay a portion of what the horse is worth plus any other added cushioning a full lease sometimes includes. YOU become liable for that horse of all of its care and board.
What is full lease? It sounds very expensive
A full lease means you can do whatever you want with in the rules of what the owner places on the horse. These prices can be high due to insurance, what you are being allowed to do with the horse and may even include the board and care of the horse.
What is partial lease? This sounds just right.
This is kinda what the packages are, that I have put together. These are for those to just lease for a portion of the month. So that another client can utilize the same horse. This isn’t as expensive as the full lease or free lease in some respects. However, some liek the idea of being able to come out and see the horse whenver they want.
What and how are your leases?
The way I lease my horses is usually by the type of horse and rules.
Mostly, Lady is my free lease pony. She is a great pony but can only be ridden by kids and smaller adults.  She is onsite use only unless proven the family would like to take her for 4-H or pony club.
Pebbles is usually my full lease horse.
With her she gets special consideration. She can be allowed to show under proper trainer as I haven’t shown in quite a long time.