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What to think about

Being reminded how some trainers are. We bring up the many training methods as there really isn’t a catch all. To me there is more to training than just getting a horse to a goal. Their mental state, their physical as well as the bit and nutrition helps in the training. If we do not […]


This coming back soon. Probably be within a month or so as we set the plans in motion. You can visit what our new ideas are at http://apnranch.com/services/boarding/


First, I want to say is Welcome! to all the new followers! The site has been down for a time and I am re working it to be more useful, more fun and easier to find what you are looking for. Don’t hesitate to message me, I may not have the answer but I assure […]

Prospective Horse owners

I have been noticing earlier this week how many emails or messages I am getting from people who are flipping horse no not literally the real term is “pin hooking” if I said that wrong feel free to correct me. To me a horse flipper like the people who flip houses. These people don’t usually […]


If anyone usually follows me via Facebook, I will be posting from my website due to my page having problems of loading or completely freezing up. If you haven’t heard from me for a bit try the website. I am still placing pages, and adding services. Registration is free and I am working on some […]