Starting at $50 to $200
What is all covered: 
Ground training Instruction, Equine basic anatomy and skeletal structure, what is grooming and why is it important, equine behavior and the difference in domestic and wild as well as learned behavior. What are vices and common equine problems. Will cover basic care, including nutrition, veterinary care, farrier, dentist, chiro and massage therapy. Will also over handling techniques and disciplines and clubs as well as breeds and types of horses. 
Price varies as it is dependent on duration and how in depth you would like to go. 
$50 for 2.5hrs for the day. 
$100 for 2.5hrs for 1 day per week or 4 lessons in 30 days
$150 for 2.5 hrs for 2 days per week or 8 days in 30 days.  
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