For those who want to learn what build the trust that we have with our horses. This is the most essential part as it is before we just "jump" on, it is where we know if a horse is ready to take a rider or not. 
There are many ways to work with a horse on the ground and I will cover them all. Why? Because I want YOU to have the knowledge to choose where you go not on a biased standard. 
Duration is $15/ 1.5hrs
What I teach: 
How to be firm not a brute or a bully but to be a leader that you can be proud of. I will go over many training methods and ones i have made myself. What is the common factor? It is the horse's well being and safety as well as knowledge of body language. 
What I will go over: 
Horse body language, what is man made behavior, learned behavior, how to handle a horse that doesn't understand, disrespectful behaviors and respectful behaviors. I will go over classic training, Parelli, clicker training, and passive training.   
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