Was picked up in May of 2010 at auction. 
Age: 12 years old
height: 13hh
Color: Black
Suited for: Beginners in lesson program or beginners under supervision of experienced equestrian. 
Personality: She is a fairly quiet horse who doesn't like to tell you whats up. She loves to be loved on, treats are not overly important to her. She doesn't mind and can work in a loose ring snaffle, Myler 2/3 Snaffle bit, Myler 2/3 curb or bitless bridle. 
Services she can do: Riding lease $15/hr Experienced horse person can handle for family members and give own lesson. 
Handler lead riding lease $20/hr. Someone else leads your family member on horseback. These are NOT lessons. 
Lessons: Depending on what you are looking for. Price starts at basic  for $20/hr 
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