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Apenimon Ranch MemphisThere are many Updates to Memphis however, they were not yet shared here. A recap: Memphis was purchased from a Kill Pen in Texas by a person who flips horses who doesn't put the horse first or finding the right human horse pair. Now, Memphis is here and we are working on the issues he has.

To name a few: Fearful of the tack (hyperventilate when you bring the saddle in), Buddy sour, not fully trusting, still working on working on the bit without being pulled along.

Progress so far: He has now been working on his buddy sour and joining up which is his true problem as he gets distracted by the girl. Which is fairly normal for a horse that has been used to being passed around. He has been ridden now with Pebbles whether it be her moving away from him or him going away from her.

Working on riding without so much leg pressure. He is working on understanding we do no want to micro manage his movement. He still second guesses his movement when you release pressure or when he finally gets his gait.

He now bends and is learning that the pressure in the bit means many different things and not just pulling. Photos only show portions of the work that has been done.