There will be many types of leasing. However, the definition of leasing a horse is it is dependent on the type. The Leasing we will be doing is partial lease. Which means the horse can be used and leased by others. 
Must first set an appointment to visit the property and see the horses. Arrange the schedule you would like to have with the horse. 
Riding Attire: Pants, riding boots, horse riding helmet (if under the age of 18 years of age). 
Start at $50 for the month
Duration 2.5 hrs 
What you are responsible for
Grooming your own horse, ensuring tack is serviceable, and knowledge of horses.
What you can do whether taking lessons or not. 
For the duration of your time you can choose what you want to do either before your lesson or after.  You also can decide on what you want to do in your lesson. Such as ground work of the horse, learning how to teach a horse to give to pressure, or how to round pen/lunge a horse. 
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