Age: 9 years old
Breed: Pinto
Height: 14.1hh
Color: Bay Tobiano
Personality: She has a lovely mind and personality although she still doesn't mind to let you know her opinions on things. She loves to give lessons to young riders and wishes them to just take the reins. She has no problem though testing the more confident riders. She is a very confident horse even when you think you found a weakness. She usually bounces back and acts like nothing ever happened. She moves off leg and or reins to give her more refined movements.  
She is the only horse who can ride in nothing or something. She has been ridden tackless, bitless, or myler level 2/3 loose ring snaffle.
Services she can do: Riding lease $15/hr Experienced horse person can handle for family members and give own lesson. 
Handler lead riding lease $20/hr. Someone else leads your family member on horseback. These are NOT lessons. 
Lessons: Depending on what you are looking for. Price starts at basic  for $20/hr 
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