I provide a number of services to allow others to experience and learn what we do here. 
What I am working towards: 
I have plans of utilizing some of what PATH intl (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) provides. I am at this point a member of PATH intl. Currently working on my business plan to become a therapy center. However, I need to get enough people to know of the mission, to build a team and to gain enough revenue from my other sources to build my center. 
What I am doing as I work. I am taking college courses to obtain a B.S  in human services and a minor in Psychology and taking online PATH intl Seminars until I can go for a course. 
This year (2018) The team and I have decided to do some events. 
These events are going to be either for beginners and potential horse owners, and experienced horse people to hear and learn of our mission.  
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