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I have been noticing earlier this week how many emails or messages I am getting from people who are flipping horse no not literally the real term is "pin hooking" if I said that wrong feel free to correct me. To me a horse flipper like the people who flip houses. These people don't usually have a care for the horse and  prey on the people who do not have any knowledge they are out there. They are hoping you do not know the red flags of what you should know when going to see a horse for sale. Its been a bit eerie of how many have contacted me on buying a horse. I have fun with them as I look up their name and find out they are on the same horse sale groups and they tell me how they will give my horse a loving home when I just saw their ad stating they have to sell due to some personal reasons. If you are new to horses please find a place that will lease for a time or add lessons within the lease. I allow leasing here on property to allow a person to know how it feels to own a horse and boarding costs. I also only have one just one other I feel I trust to send people to. I am happy I learned of her and I will send people to her to find the right horse or get you where you need to be whether it be on lessons or get you in the right program/person. @South Coast Sport Horses she is the only one sadly I know of who is trustworthy and can point you into the right direction. Please be careful looking at horses. Try before you buy! Have a pre-purchase vet exam! These are just a few of what you should do.