New program I am working on. 
Will be tracking all old and new clients and building punch cards. We will in the near future have a full break down of the rewards. All items have color, and size options. Frequency of the rewards is determined by what service you have chosen. Example: Riding lease after 5 rides or 10 rides will determine what rewards you are capable of having choice of. 
Price Break down:
$60-- Choice of Silver tip rope halter or Clinician lead or Grooming Bag
$100 -- Choice of Silver tip rope halter & Clinician lead OR Grooming Kit
$150 -- Choice of Troxel Spirit Riding Helmet,  Silver tip rope halter & Clinician lead OR Grooming Kit
$200 -- Choice of First aid kit for human and animal, Troxel Spirit Riding Helmet, Silver tip rope halter & Clinician lead, OR grooming Kit 
$600+ -- Lunging Caveson, Surcingle, Troxel Spirit, First Aid Kit, Halter and lead custom choice from KnotsbyK. 
Depending what service you have chosen will dictate how soon you can choose/ receive an award. Participation is also key to be able to receive the award. At any time if you do not follow the rules set forth in the liability waiver, the riding agreement, lease agreement, barn rules and or do not follow instruction. These awards are earned by showing you are interested in learning. We understand life gets busy and or hectic, however there will be only a a month window to pick up where you left off to not start from the beginning to gain an award. 
Some of the rewards listed: 
Silver tip rope halter
Clinician lead rope (12' lead) 
Troxel Spirit Riding Helmet
Grooming Bag
Grooming Bag Kit (has basic grooming supplies)
English All purpose pad
Lunging Caveson

First aid kit (for human and animal)

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