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First, I want to say is Welcome! to all the new followers! The site has been down for a time and I am re working it to be more useful, more fun and easier to find what you are looking for. Don't hesitate to message me, I may not have the answer but I assure you I can maybe find where you can get it. If you have a suggestion I am all ears. I always try to get to all my messages and not leave anyone hanging.

Wasn't sure if I would bring riding back as I hadn't gotten much attendance for riding. I may keep it up for an option. However, I usually don't charge as this is something I usually barter of help. Depending if it is during the evening (5pm) when I start feeding/ cleaning stalls or morning. You can also at some point earn credits to pay for a lesson. Those will be coming soon as I get my website built for it. You are welcome to become a member of the site. I will be trying to build online courses for basic horse knowledge.

When bartering to have the kids ride me and Pebbles or Pebbles and Lady are the entertainment/lessons while my dad and the ones who came by to help work on the examples (fence, posts, or other things that are offered.) I am working on getting another helper to be with the horses as