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Tack For Sale

These items are things I have decided to move out of my barn as I accumulate tack that I don't need or doesn't fit the horses I have. Sometimes I end up finding a better fit of blankets or other items so I feel I want to free up room. I will be allowing the purchase of items through PayPal. You will be able to pay using PayPal in a few ways. One is by picking up the item and swiping on the PayPal Pay Here app or you can pay through the site and come and pick it up or pay for shipping. (Shipping will come shortly as I have to configure.

Horse Sales/Lease

Few and Far between do I usually have horses for sale. When I do the horses are usually from a boarder who has not paid 60 days of board. Which will be noted in the horse's description. Those horses will just be ridden and checked to know any vices and nothing more. Texas Law only allows me to sell the horses for what I am owed. If I have a horse in my rehoming program that has had a rough start. Those will be worked on for whatever length of time, placed for sale/lease usually about 6 months to a year or more. Horses who are under rehab DO NOT leave until the right fit of owner is found this can take up a few years at times and as such I do not take in many horses. I pride myself in hiding nothing. What I know is told by the potential owner as well as I will provide videos as photos do not ever tell the whole story and ask that you be willing to come out to see the horse and take on a lease prior to us even discussing price or buying the horse.